950 Lounge


It all started back in 2011 when 2 Brothers discussed doing something different. With the ever changing world of technology the Brothers felt they could penetrate the Radio and give their version of "Life".  In 2012 Pryor's Place premiered on Rebel Radio. The show's named changed to 950 Lounge in 2013 and this was the year the show gained steam.  950 Lounge flourished on Raw Truth Radio and started to create an audience. In 2014 the Show made it's biggest move going DSN Network and adding WWRN . As of today 950 Lounge has become a major player on the radio scene and continues to be cutting edge in entertainment.


950 Kev (Kevin Pryor) - Producer/Host: The Lebron James of the Cliche" - Kevin is the glue and the inspiration behind 950 Lounge. KP brings almost 20 years of advertising and business knowledge to the show. Along with his ad background Kevin is also an Entertainment Consultant.



Rodeo (Charles Pryor) - Comedian / Co-Host: The Comedian - Rodeo doesn't ride a horse but he certainly rounds of the laughs on 950. Charles has been in the comedy game for over decade working such clubs in NY as Dangerfields & Uptown Comedy Club




Back Stage Ed (Eddie Brown) - Director / Web Master: Eddie leads and manages the planning, production and presentation of the on air show. And with his 30 years as computer analysis / developer he creates video content and manages website content for the 950 Lounge sites.




Sapphire Blue (Simone Simmons) - Co-Host: Sapphire Blue, born a sexy and charismatic Pisces name Simone, is born and raised in New York City. She only has one dream To Make It! Throughout the years she pursued modeling and singing doing hair shows, fashion shows and print. Also performed doing comedy and improv and acting around the city. Sapphire is no stranger to radio she was on many shows and also hosted her own show called The Sapphire Sounds Show on Damatrix Studios Network in 2014. Sapphire now brings all her talents to 950 Lounge. This girl is on fire ! so watch and stay tune for Sapphire Blue. And ride along on her wave. It's gonna be amazing!


Jusaclassic Man (Justin Phillips) - Co -Host: Affectionately known as the "ClassicMan" Justin brings his smooth style to 950 Lounge. Born and raised in NY to parents that raised him right , Justin's main emphasis is to bring chivalry back to the world. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, and walking on the outside of the sidewalk. If it's Classic its Justin.