Ray & Erica

Mon-Thu 4p-7p, Fri 5p-7p

Ray Daniels, a graduate of “THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA” graduated with honors with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. As a Radio Personality and PD of WUSC RADIO. Ray established himself as the go to Nightclub Host and Party DJ bringing out huge crowds as a result Ray’s career path was redirected as a Promoter In 10 Markets.

Ray also launched a successful Hip Hop Magazine and DVD where he won countless awards. Now Ray’s career has gone full circle his use of Radio to promote his Magazine, DVD, and Parties lead him back to Radio but behind the mic this time as a professional.

As an Independent Radio Promoter Ray Daniels helps new recording artist in Urban Mainstream / Urban AC/ & Gospel break their music on all radio formats FM, AM, INTERNET, SATELLITE, COLLEGE, & STREAMING. This was done by establishing relationships with Program Directors, Music Directors, and Mix Show DJs nationwide. Ray also provides a live performance experience for indie artist so they can earn money performing live to fund their careers and be featured on his Radio station along with some of his affiliates stations.Last but not least Ray Daniels serves as CEO of his own independent Music Label OWL DIGITAL.

Erica “Kane” Harrison hails from the prominent town of Mt. Vernon, NY and is best known for her music career as a professional rapper. Erica was signed to Tony Mercedes records under the rap name EVOL and was featured on J.T Money’s Pimpin on Wax album.

After several business ventures and Erica had her own shown called The Erica Kane Show on hotblockmagazine.com. While working for Hotblock Magazine and attending the award show Erica met Ray Daniels and was solicited by A105radio to pair up as a co-host with The Ray Daniels Morning show. Erica has always been head strong and loves a challenge and after working alongside with Ray Daniels the show was very well received and quickly grew into Ray & Erica in the Morning. Due to the show receiving so much attention it was then added to Foxie 105 fm in Columbus, Ga and became Ray and Erica Sunday Wrap Up!

Erica Kane has always had a passion for helping and guiding children in the right direction. Erica is the president of  The Allatoona High School step team, helps feed homeless children and is currently working on creating her own non-profit for under privileged children.

Erica has done voice overs and also does marketing/promotion as well as event coordinating for Next2Blow showcases.