Retro 80’s

Sundays 4a-6a

The Retro 80s R&B Blast is an informative and entertaining syndicated-style radio show. Hosted by veteran air personality Al B. Love!, the show focuses on the R&B artists & the music of the 1980s. Aimed at the female demographics (age 35-44) and males (age 45-54), features of the show include:

The 80s TV Tune – Themes from popular TV shows. Spring Forward, Fall Back –“Spring Forward” to the decade ahead which features music from the 1990s then “Fall Back” to the decade left behind which features music from the 1970s. History from the 80s – News items and special events. 80s Hip Hop Throwback Joint – Showcasing hip hop and rap artists who paved the way for the stars of today.